The Click Five Launches New Video

Posted: April 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

In collaboration with the US band The Click Five, MTV EXIT has just released a new music video this week for the song “Don’t Let Me Go.”

The music video premiered across MTV on-air and online platforms.

The main message of the song aims to convey the role we can all play in breaking the chain of human trafficking.

Together with the release of the music video, we are also launching a new online video community ( Members will be able to interact with other film and video enthusiasts, receive the latest on new MTV EXIT video releases and get the chance to be the first to participate in competitions.

The Click Five has performed across Asia with MTV EXIT in an effort to raise awareness about human trafficking in the region. This included a performance at the first ever rock concert held at iconic Angkor Wat in Cambodia. The band’s support for the campaign went far beyond concerts, as they also visited a shelter in Cambodia to interact with survivors of trafficking and share their message of hope.

We are also running a video competition along side the video launch check it out at


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