Coleman Rasic Wins Gold for MTV EXIT Muse video ‘MK Ultra’ at New York Festival

Posted: April 14, 2011 in Uncategorized

MTV EXIT is excited to learn that the collaboration with Coleman Rasic to produce the music video for the Muse track ‘MK Ultra’ has been awarded gold at the New York Festivals Film and Television awards in Las Vegas. Coleman Rasic also directed the acclaimed videos for The Killers’ ‘Good Night, Travel Well’ and Radiohead’s ‘All I Need’ in the  MTV EXIT ‘Some Things Cost More Than You Realize’ music video trilogy.

The powerful video reveals three interlinking stories of human trafficking: forced labor, domestic servitude, and sex exploitation. Premiered at the Muse concert at London’s Wembley Stadium in September last year, the video has aired across on the globe on MTV and has been seen by millions more online.

Muse commented “We feel honoured to be a part of this important movement to end modern day slavery. It is unacceptable that people are deprived of the most fundamental right to be free.”

Stay tuned for upcoming MTV EXIT videos and concert news.

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