Friday 1st April, 2011 | Category: Competition

Twitter Interview with MTV EXIT Bold Lipstick photo competition winner Chuah Siew Lin on Friday 1st of April 2011. Below is a transcription of the chat edited for chronology, continuity, and obvious text limitations, but overall it’s just as it appeared live!

MTV EXIT Could you please tell everyone who you are and where you are from @SteamBunz

SteamBunz My name is Siew Lin and I’m from Malaysia! Nice to meet you all 😛

MTV EXIT How you feel about being the Bold Lipstick winner!

SteamBunz Well, I still feel a little bit dumbfounded. Nevertheless, it feels pretty exciting!!

MTV EXIT @steambunz how did you first hear about MTV EXIT? Awesome that you have taken the initiative to learn more about Human Trafficking!

SteamBunz My friend actually told me about it, especially about the Bold Lipstick competition if it wasn’t for @Hae_Lynn, I would not be here!

MTV EXIT Please tell us how you came up with the idea for the amazing winning photo?

SteamBunz Well, I thought of the people living and begging in markets and on side roads and my friends and I tried to recreate that scene. We took several shots and then selected the best photo to send in to the competition, pretty tiring process!

MTV EXIT How did your friends react when they found out you were the winner?

SteamBunz When I told them about the news, one of my friends said,”20% of your winnings is going to me. MWAHAHA.” But, that will never happen!

Embiricos What’s life like in Malaysia, do you see any evidence of human trafficking where you live?

SteamBunz I personally don’t see much of any human trafficking cases where I live. But, I’m certain there are many cases many of which are not reported and have not been voiced out by the victims.

MTV EXIT Many people don’t see the issue existing, what do you think we can all do to help shed some light on it?

SteamBunz I think that we should organized more campaigns to raise awareness about human trafficking. Not many people know that it exists. Many people think that Human Trafficking is not a big deal. There are many campaigns about other stuff but I see very little talk about Human Trafficking in the public.

TeamBanders What role does Social Media play in your life @SteamBunz? How can it be used more to engage young people on these issues?

SteamBunz I use it (Social Media) almost every day. In fact, it’s a way of life. It’s an essential tool we can use to interact with people not just for leisure and fun but also for important issues like talking about Human Trafficking. Apart from social media, I believe the government and various institutions can do great things by promoting the issue more.

Rtio I think social media is a huge awareness raising tool, thousands across the globe saw your photo! And @steambunz You’re spot on, people are often unaware that trafficking happens in their own community, and most victims are young people. Don’t underestimate your ability to make a difference!

Steambunz @Rtio Right! 😀 Young people are scared to voice out their concerns. We should encourage them to do so!! 😀

MTV EXIT what do you think about the work MTV EXIT is doing?

SteamBunz Hosting concerts to raise awareness? I think it’s a creative way to spread the word about this issue, just don’t forget to get the Korean celebrities involved!!  Korean culture is so popular now!


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